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Name:she's an old time ambassador

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alexander mcqueen, amazon kindle, anime, anime music, aria, art, based god, batman, batvillains, being gangster, being tsundere, black lagoon, black snake moan, blood+, booster gold, brave and the bold, cartoons, chrno crusade, cisco, comics, complete bastards, computers, cooking, courage the cowardly dog, couture, cuddy, d. gray-man, dave the barbarian, dcu, deadman wonderland, dennou coil, design, diva, dnangel, duskull, europe, excel saga, fashion, fate/stay night, felix castor, france, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, gankutsuou, h&m, high fashion, highschool of the dead, house, ireland, james cameron's avatar, jigoku shoujo, jimmy choo, kara no kyoukai, lady gaga, last exile, le chevalier d'eon, lucifer, ludwig kakumei, lulz, making icons, manga, maria†holic, megas xlr, memories, michiko to hatchin, mike carey, mirai nikki, mnemosyne, moe old men, music, networking, norrington, not clamp, oh god why, ontd, opera, panty & stocking, paprika, perfect blue, pirates of the caribbean, poison ivy, potemayo, pottery, power girl, pretendy funtiems, really fuckawful anime, rispara, roleplaying, rurouni kenshin, sailor trucker, satoshi kon, saya no uta, sayonara zetsubou sensei, scrubs, seikon no qwaser, shopping, sky doll, speed grapher, spice & wolf, spider pig, sucker punch, swag, the 90s, the goddamn batman, the inbetweeners, the sandman, the simpsons, tim gunn, toradora!, touka gettan, traveling, trinity blood, tsukihime, type-moon, uah, unwritten, vectors, venture brothers, verdure, visual novels, vogue, wakfu, watchmen, weird comics, wonder woman, xxxholic, yanderes, yotsuba&!
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